How to get Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks are a feature of Google search, applied where a website has authority with a search key-phrase. Pictured below, Sitelinks include up to eight additional links to your most important pages.

Example of Google Sitelinks

As seen above, Google Sitelinks add more space to your website's search result, and allow visitors to go straight to deeper pages.

While you cannot select the individual Sitelinks you would like listed, Google uses an algorithm to include your most high profile pages. You can check if Google is displaying Sitelinks for you through Webmaster Tools, and block pages that you'd prefer not be listed.

Improve website navigation

Google uses an algorithm to decide which of your pages should be included as Sitelinks, based on your website navigation and popularity of pages. Logical, accessible navigation helps Google to find your important, popular pages, and is essential in obtaining Sitelinks.

I recommend a site-wide navigation menu, made in plain HTML, rather than an image or Flash based menu. Drop-down menus using CSS work well, and allow for compact navigation.

Search optimisation, as always

Sitelinks apply only to limited search phrases, where a single website shows considerable authority. Because of this, you should aim to have Sitelinks only on your most important search results, and optimise for these.

With enough traffic, you will be able to obtain Sitelinks for your business name, and for your products.

Overview of Google Sitelinks

Receiving Google Sitelinks provides you with a great deal more space in search results, and increases visitor click-through-rates.

Optimising your website for Sitelinks involves some sensible steps, which will also improve your website in other areas. Making navigation more accessible will improve visitor experience, and search optimisation will help to increase visitor numbers.

Need a hand?

Keen on obtaining Google Sitelinks for you website? Let me know if you'd like any help.

Last updated on 19 July 2010, at 17:28.